What is love?

14 Feb

So, it’s Valentine’s Day….. Stores are crowded with people buying last minute cards, flowers, & gifts because the pressure is on to make sure no one is forgotten or feels unloved. The simple fact that one waits until the day of to make a purchase makes me question the motive….is it done because it’s expected or is it done with love & thoughtfulness? I’m of the opinion that cards, flowers & gifts should be given throughout the year rather than just on one day that happens to fall on the 14th of February. Love is shown by choosing to spend time with someone when there are a million other things one could be doing. It is shown daily by a text that simply says ‘good morning’ or ‘thinking of you’. Love is listening and waiting to speak while the other person shares his/her heart. Love is choosing not to react – instead choosing to understand….even when it may cause one to feel sad, hurt, etc. And more than an emotion or feeling….love is a choice. Needless to say, Valentine’s Day is a not-so-subtle reminder that it is important to let our loved ones know that they are important to us, loved, & appreciated. That is something I choose to do on a daily basis – how ’bout you?


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