When Mom is Here….

16 May

When Mom is here

you put off blogging

you put the reading aside

you aren’t as concerned with social media

When Mom is here

you spend time sitting on the porch

you spend the afternoons going in and out of shops

you spend extra money to make her feel spoiled

When Mom is here

you drink lattes at Starbucks at Old City Java

you eat vegan scones from Earth Fare

you eat at new restaurants on Market Square

When Mom is here

You enjoy every moment

You know that just being together is what you treasure most

You are grateful for her wisdom and advice

When Mom is here

It makes everything better

Life is good

Care for grandma is relinquished to her

When Mom is here

She reminds you why the guy who hurt you is not good for you

She reminds you that true friends stick by your side & don’t continue to be friends and hang out with the guy who brought sorrow and hurt and emotional/verbal abuse into your life

She reminds you that the best is yet to come

She reminds you that your prince will come

When Mom is here

Gratitude and thankfulness feels your heart cuz you know you’ve been blessed with the Mom God gave you

When Mom is here

You don’t look forward to the day when she has to say a temporary goodbye and leave you behind

When Mom is here

You feel like a little girl again and feel safe

When Mom is here

You realize the big shoes you have to fill in order to be like her

When Mom is here

All is right with the world



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    very nice angela

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