Choices in new chapters

14 Aug

I opened up my journal to put some of my thoughts onto the paper….

As I did so, I noticed the last time I wrote was on July 11th and it started with, “Sitting here with Grandma as she begins her journey from this life to the next.  I’m praying she stays with us until my Mom can get here.” 

Grandma did stay with us until Mom arrived, and I’ve been blessed to have my Mom here for one month.  Today is the day that Mom had to go back to Michigan, so this has been a very emotional day…and as I read my entry on July 11th, I reflected on all that has happened since that day. 

I realized that I had to make a choice….

I can choose to be sad… focus on being all by myself for the first time in one month….to allow the emotions to be overwhelming….to focus on what I don’t have….to focus on who is not with me right now….to focus on all the uncertainties that seem to be looming over me at the moment….


I can choose to be in the moment….to live in the present… take this time to better myself…to take this time to learn…to take this time to read….to focus on what I have….to focus on all the incredible people in my life….to focus on my blessings…to focus on the love that fills my heart and continues to grow on a daily basis.

I will choose the latter.

I do face a new chapter…new book in my life….and incredible things are birthed through pain.  The best is yet to come and I’m choosing to live in each moment with focus, clarity, and passion.

What will choose for your new chapter?


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