Slide out of your comfort zone!

20 Sep

We all get comfortable in our routines and in our habits; and if we are not careful, we settle comfortably into our ruts and burrow in.  I’m always pushing my classes to do things out of their comfort zone, and to live life and try new things.  Tomorrow is the day I MUST practice what I preach!!!!  I will be participating in my first Marine Mud Run with 5 of my Boot Camp girls from Nature’s Fountain.  Now those of you that know me, know that I despise being muddy, dirty, and wet – the thought of being covered from head to toe in red mud makes me want to go jump in a hot shower!!! To top it off, there is an 80% chance of rain tomorrow and not just a drizzle….the weather person said expect torrential downpours….really????? May I just make a donation?  I don’t mind the obstacles and I don’t mind the run – it is only the mud and being sopping wet that I detest.  However, I cannot expect any less of myself than what I expect of my class participants; so I will be there leading the charge up and down the slippery slopes of sopping wet red mud…yelling encouragement (to myself, as well) and making memories with a great group of women.  We will be wearing the lime green shirts, crazy socks, headbands and will have our faces painted like a marine.  We WILL kick butt on the obstacle course and will be a team pulling each other through the mud and over the walls.  Will I love it?  I don’t think so but I will do it and will slide, slide, slide out of my comfort zone! 


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