Do and don’t try!

3 Jan
Happy New Year!!!
As you take a moment to see where you are today – -compare with where you were on January 1, 2013….are you better?  Are you healthier?  Are you fitter?  Are you stronger?  Are you more flexible? Do you have more stamina?  Are you happier?  Or….are you the same?????
Only YOU can determine what you do this year and if you improve your wellbeing.  You are in charge of that – no one else is…not your spouse…not your children…not your parents….not your friends….not even your fitness instructors and coaches.  YOU and YOU alone can only decide that the time is NOW to be a better, healthier, stronger version of you.
And you can’t do it alone – you  need to surround yourself with a team.  This team should include people who will encourage you to do your best and not hinder you.  So this team may or may not include family – many times in our quest of wellbeing, family can actually be a hindrance. That is just the plain, honest truth.  As much as we would like for our partners and family to be with us on our journey of wellbeing, they may not be there yet.  So, you have to do this for you!
Of course, I’m one who will be a big team player for you and am here to help coach you along your journey. 
Don’t try this year…DO it this year.   A big difference in the two words – the word “try” leaves room for doubt and hesitancy.  The word “do” is active and powerful.
I expect you to “DO” this year….quit trying 🙂
Yours in wellness,

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